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Updated: Sep 11, 2021

A story of compassion

Jaya was found scavenging for food in a garbage dump since she had been abandoned like many other cattle and water buffalos in Goa. Her hoof was injured, most likely by a broken piece of glass. Thanks to Welfare for Animals in Goa, she survived, and her wounds healed quickly. The experience, specifically the loss of her mother, left her traumatized, and at first, Jaya was skittish around people. Gradually, she’s become more comfortable around others, playing with other animals at WAG and being pet and bathed by people.

Now that the five-month-old water buffalo has been adopted, she spends her days soaking in the rain and grazing in the garden. Jaya’s story provides an example of the potential of every animal lying injured on the side of the road. With care and compassion from dedicated human beings, they can live the lives they deserve.

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