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Our Actions

Beach Feeding

With Welfare for Animals in Goa, we've helped feed the stray dogs living on Ashvem Beach and Morjim Beach. Due to COVID-19, the lack of tourists means that many of these dogs would face starvation without regular  feedings.

GPTempDownload 36.JPG
Prosthetic Limbs for Injured Cows

For the first time in Goa, cows who have lost a limb in an accident or been born with a disability have been fitted with custom-made prosthetics, courtesy of Sanya Grewal of the Jaipur Foot. We've contributed to this event and covered it in the video below.

We also created an easy how-to video, specifically made for cow sanctuaries in India, based on the information provided by Sanya on how to create a cast for a prosthetic limb and heal a new fracture.

Parvovirus Awareness and Vaccine Drive

Canine parvovirus is an incredibly common and infectious disease that primarily affects puppies and adolescent dogs. Luckily, its easily preventable by a 9-in-1 vaccine. Thanks to a donation from the Lake House Foundation, we've worked with government vets to be able to provide vaccines and boosters for over 35 dogs in 2021 and 2022.

Compassion for Animals

Based on Woodstock School's theme of compassion, we've helped bring animal welfare directly to schools with this short video on the connection between the school's guiding principles and animal welfare.

Sandy's House

By raising funds for blind dog Sandy to have her own space, along with Lucky, who is recovering from partial paralysis, the shelter dogs' special needs are accommodated for and they are so much happier.

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