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Why Does It Matter?

In these times, when society is facing a variety of humanitarian issues, how can we prioritize the well-being of animals above other, more major problems, like climate change or increased violence? Shouldn't we put on our own oxygen masks before helping others?

The thing is, animal welfare is intrinsically linked to almost all other social issues. Working towards the welfare of animals won't just help them - it can improve your emotional intelligence and teach you about compassion with other people. On a more concrete level, improving the well-being of animals has been repeatedly linked to improving the well-being of the environment. But we don't need to justify the animal welfare movement with ways that animals give back - we should help them simply because they are other living creatures in need.

Our Mission


By respecting animal, especially those who don't seem easy to love, we can cultivate respect for one another. Treating injured or sick animals with compassion teaches can teach us life lessons about how to treat other people - which is why it's so important to foster a love for animals at a young age. 



"There remains very little recognition of... the crucial role animal welfare plays in sustainable development for people and planet."

United Nations Environmental Programme

Animal welfare has repeatedly been claimed to be the heart of sustainability - and the studies are there to back that up. Respecting the rights of animals has been proven to be beneficial to sustainable development - in order to heal our planet, we need to first heal the creatures that roam its surface.


Compassion for Animals: an Overview

For Woodstock school, we created a video outlining the connection between animal welfare and compassion, and how sustainability and wellbeing tie in as well. While it was originally created for a specific school, we know that you'll find it helpful as well!


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