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What Can You Do?

Every individual can make an impact

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Support Animal Welfare

  1. Organize. Fundraisers for local shelters, programs to sterilize and vaccinate strays in your areas - you can get involved in your community by helping the animals that make it what it is.​​

  2. Donate. It doesn't have to be money - you can donate supplies and wish list items to sanctuaries and charities. Or, you can directly sponsor the medical treatment and maintenance of an animal.

  3. Volunteer. Animal shelters can always use an extra set of hands, either to help out with treatment and feeding, organize administration, or just spend time with the animals.

  4. Educate. Maybe direct action isn't for you. You can still support animal welfare by spreading the word to family and friends. Sharing animal welfare content on social media is a great way to raise awareness - you can follow us on Instagram

  5. Care for your pets. To support animal welfare, you don't need to look any further than your own home. Make sure to vaccinate and sterilize your cats and dogs, and, of course, treat them with love.

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Help Out Stray Cows and Dogs:

Being some of the most common stray animals in India, cows and dogs need our special attention. Here's what you can do!

- If you see an injured or sick cow, report it to your local animal shelter.

- If you have the resources, sponsor a cow by providing the funding for their food and medical care.

- Don’t litter, and pick up plastic you see on the side of the roads.

- Volunteer at an animal sanctuary or gaushala to work directly with cows and help support the organization.

- Spread the word, and encourage others to be conscious of the animals that we share the roads with.

- Adopt dogs from shelters instead of buying purebred and imported dogs.

- Foster puppies or injured dogs until they are healthy enough to have a good chance of survival at a shelter.

- Feed stray dogs in your area

- Start vaccination and sterilization programs, or contribute to existing ones 

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