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5 Animals That Changed My Life

Happy World Animal Day!

To celebrate World Animal Day, here are stories of the 5 animals that have changed my life. Share the animals that have made an impact on you in the comments below!

1. Cayenne

I’ve often mentioned that being around animals at a young age has been a formative experience for me, and Cayenne was the first to make an impact. He was adopted before I was born, and so growing, up, this terrier mix was always a part of my life. Since my earliest memories are of him as an older dog, I learned to love and respect the animals that some perceive as harder to love.

2. Shanti

Shanti was adopted as a puppy from Welfare for Animals in Goa, and she quickly proved to contradict her name (which means peace) due to her high energy and eager love. From Shanti, I learned about the responsibility of caring for another living being, and how having a companion animal involves a commitment. Unfortunately, Shanti passed away a year and a half ago, but she has ensured that we will never forget her.

5. Maya

Almost three years ago, a one-month-old kitten Maya was found in the bushes, hiding from a pack of dogs. Since there are already so many young animals abandoned on the roads or left at shelters, I decided to take her in. Maya was the first cat that I had ever cared for, and she has truly made her impact on all our other animals - even the cows listen to her!

4. Leo & Luna

Technically, this counts as animals 5 & 6. But black kittens Leo and Luna will never stay in the shadows, especially since Luna will never stop meowing! These lovable kittens bring an airy positivity to our lives as they climb up rooftops and tussle with the puppies. Being around them always brings a smile to my face, and taking care of Leo and Luna has taught me about compassion for others and the world.

5. Lakshman

As many of you know, Lakshman was rescued after being abandoned, and we took him in as local sanctuaries are already filled with injured cows. With his easy-to-love smile and love for milk, this baby buffalo has stumbled into our lives with eagerness and given me the chance to understand what it’s like to care for a bovine.

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