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Updated: Sep 11, 2021

A story of freedom

Sandy was rescued from a factory farm, where she was being raised for human consumption along with hundreds of other turkeys. They were tightly packed together in a small area, with no regard for their comfort or safety. Due to the overcrowding, Sandy suffered from an injury, which required immediate surgery. After 6-7 months, she is still recovering.

Despite her injury, Sandy is now living a more full and free life than before. She has been patient with her treatment and has made friends with Betty, a rescue chicken.

Sandy’s story highlights the need for avian veterinarians, as there is only one in all of Goa. In cases like Sandy’s, it’s not always possible to reach this vet in an emergency. As a result, many birds don’t make it, because of the lack of available treatment.

There is also a significant need for more awareness about factory farming and the danger that it causes. When chickens and turkeys are crammed into small spaces without the freedom to express normal behavior, it can cause serious damage - both physical and emotional. You can help advocate for improvement in the treatment of farm animals by speaking out for the rights of livestock. If you want to make an impact on a smaller level, try to eat less meat, or, if you do eat meat, make sure that the animals were treated ethically during their lifetimes.

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