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Updated: Sep 11, 2021

A story of healing

Macy was rescued three months ago, after being repeatedly abandoned due to the neurological condition he was born with, cerebellar hypoplasia. He was found injured and distressed, completely terrified of people. After six weeks at the clinic, he allowed people to touch him and has grown to be affectionate and full of energy. Macy loves to play with and look after the younger kittens around him, pictured above. Although his condition means that it will most likely be difficult for him to find a home because he requires a lot of extra care due to the challenges he faces with proprioception and motor control. He still lives a happy and full life at WAG, thanks to the volunteers and staff who have cared for him.

“Now he’s very friendly and he’s so good…. He’s just amazing,” says Mary, a volunteer who has worked closely with Macy. “He’s actually very healthy, apart from this neurological condition,”

Through Macy, we can see the value in giving a chance to animals who seem beyond hope, as all animals deserve the space to heal.

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