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Updated: Sep 11, 2021

A story of growth

After an accident, Anya was separated from her mother. She couldn’t walk or even stand up on her own because of open wounds, and it seemed like she wouldn’t get better. Anya had to be bottle-fed twice a day, which was what kept her alive and gave her the chance to heal. With time, Anya got her appetite back and was even able to take her first steps on her own.

Anya has made a full recovery, and now never stops running. She is incredibly friendly with all animals, and some of her best friends are puppies, cats, and water buffalos (like Jaya).

All over India, there are young animals just like Anya, separated from their mothers and in need of special care. These calves, puppies, and kittens need our attention and love to grow into sociable, thriving adults.

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