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A story of home

Lakshman was found on a road in Colvale by Welfare for Animals in Goa. Locals suspect that he was purposefully separated from his mother and abandoned. As WAG accepts at least 1-2 injured cows daily, we were happy to take in the week-old water buffalo, since so many male calves are already abandoned. In the eyes of farmers and owners, male calves will serve no monetary value, as they don’t provide milk, even though the Indian Constitution recognizes the value of the life of cattle. Cows have historically been treated as sacred in Indian culture, so it’s a surprise that, in today’s world, the lives of bull calves are treated as disposable.

Lakshman was affectionately welcomed by Peanut and Chase upon arrival, and has quickly befriended the rescue puppies. He never stops bottle feeding, and is full of energy as he stumbles across the grass, content and cheerful now that he’s found his home.

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